Jackson Hole, Wyoming: Teaming with Wildlife

If you are a nature and wildlife enthusiast, there is not a better place on earth to visit than Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Home to diverse wildlife and miles upon miles of pristine wilderness, Jackson Hole is a must visit for every outdoor lover. From bears and birds to natural wonders and beauty, you can see it all on your next Jackson Hole vacation.Situated in a picturesque valley of the Rocky Mountains, Jackson Hole serves as a gateway to several popular natural attractions such as Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks and other national forests and wilderness areas. As you know, these areas are famed for their diverse and untouched wildlife and natural marvels like the geysers and hot springs of Yellowstone National Park. Also to be found in this protected wilderness area are stunning mountain vistas and gorgeous mountain valleys.During the summer and fall months, Jackson Hole serves as the destination for many who come to see the region’s stunning scenery and exotic wildlife. Here, you can enjoy comfortable accommodations by night and venture out into the wilderness by day. You can choose from guided expeditions led by wildlife biologists or settle down for a quiet day of bird watching or anything in between. The bottom line is that there is so much to see in Jackson Hole, you will not be able to see everything during one trip.Guided ToursIn order to preserve the 14 million, pristine acres of the Yellowstone Ecosystem, guided tours were introduced to lessen the impact that millions of tourists can have on the delicate natural balance of the area. These tours are led by trained biologists, non-profit organizations and park rangers. Aside from protecting the ecosystem from well-meaning tourists, these guided tours also allow visitors an inside and educational look into the natural world surrounding Jackson Hole.Some of the most in-depth tours in the area are conducted by the Great Plains Wildlife Institute located in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. They offer several different expeditions all guided by wildlife biologists. Here are just a few of the expeditions offered by the Great Plains Wildlife Institute, (307)733-2623.Sunrise & Sunset expeditions. Participants observe a major species and learn how to ethically observe and find wildlife.Full-day expeditions. A full day allows for locating more species, learning interrelationships, behavior and habits while participating in a hands-on wildlife research project.Six-day expeditions. Participant in several different research projects, with a wide variety of wildlife viewing and scenery.

Other tours can be found by contacting the Yellowstone National Park, (307)344-7381, or the Grand Teton National Park, (307)739-3300. Bird Watching in Jackson HoleJackson Hole, Wyoming is a top destination for bird watchers. The landscape of the area includes lakes, ponds, marshes, sageflats, grasslands, forested foothills, mountain slopes and riparian, all of which offer different and exciting bird-watching opportunities. No matter whether you are an avid and experienced bird watcher or a novice, Jackson Hole is the place to be for bird watching.The best time to view birds in the Jackson Hole area is during the late spring and throughout the summer months (from June to late September). Since Jackson Hole is a top destination for bird watching, you can find hoards of information on the bird species that inhabit the region at the ranger stations and information desks situated throughout the area.As you can see, there is a lot of natural wonder to be found in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. If you love nature, you will love what you find in this breathtaking gateway to some of the world’s best nature preserves.

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